Since 2020, Twitch and TikTok have been profoundly shaking up the social networking ecosystem. With half of humanity using social networks on a daily basis, these platforms are changing the rules of the game and communication perspectives. To take advantage of these channels, you need to understand them.

TikTok and Twitch provide access to a large, young and hard-to-reach audience. This audience is often considered inaccessible through conventional channels, as they are too far removed from the traditional channels of the mainstream media. During the 2022 presidential election, all the candidates - or almost all - sought to be present to reach the youngest voters.

With their innovative formats, these platforms are revolutionizing content consumption. They offer spontaneous, immersive programs that open up unique prospects for reputation capital.

TikTok is a trend-setter where short videos with high viral potential thrive, driven by a super-powerful personalized algorithm. The network boasts an audience of 9 million daily users in France, 57% of whom are aged between 18 and 34, and thanks to a higher engagement rate than on other platforms, Tiktok is the social network for the younger generation.

Real-time interaction between streamers and viewers is Twitch's strength. Initially dedicated to video games, this platform now covers all areas: lifestyle, sports, consumer affairs, startups, politics, news... with audiences to make television jealous (up to 1.1 million viewers in France).

To effectively integrate these platforms into your communication strategy, you need to understand their codes. The key is to gain the trust of users, with creative content that responds to what they usually consume - or at least doesn't stray too far from it.

It's essential to ask yourself the right questions: what can these networks bring to your communication? Who is your target audience? Do you have the human and financial resources to maintain your presence? For example, to gain visibility on TikTok, you need to be ultra-active. The algorithm favors accounts that publish the most and videos that use audio as a trend. Don't expect to gain anything by just popping in once in a while...

A good option, on Twitch as on TikTok, may be to co-construct your presence with those who have mastered the codes, i.e. by collaborating with influential profiles.

In any case, serious investment is essential to build a legitimate, positive image on networks that are powerful thanks to their virality, and to avoid missteps.

Amélya Chéraïti & Matthieu Sénécotconsultants