OUR ambition

Because it is the expression of every organization's uniqueness, and the bearer of its ambitions ambition and guardian of its identitycommunication is a highly strategic strategic function. At the heart of corporate development challenges, it is a lever for supporting change and transformation. Over-solicited and challenged from all sides, companies and organizations need to highlight their economic and social contribution to all their stakeholders. It is through their communications that they enhance their reputation capitalthe most sensitive and precious of their intangible assets.

Vae Solis Communications has one key ambition :Vae Solis Communications has one key ambition: to assist you under all circumstances to develop and protect the reputation of your organization. Our consultancy’s value-added lies in open-minded, independent advice together with state-of-the-art execution skills. ​

Our approach

Our approach is entirely focused on managing the image and reputation capital of managers and organizations. Hybrid and global, it meets three objectives:

Build your image and define your key messagess to stand out in your environment through a compelling case and impactful talking points.​

Develop and enhance your reputation by engaging with thought leaders and stakeholders through high-level interactive opportunities with key opinion leaders (media relations, public affairs, financial communications, community managing and media monitoring, civil society, etc.) ​

Protecting the value of brands and organizationsby acting as "insurance" for managers, companies and institutions in complex and/or crisis situations.

Our commitments

Vae Solis is the first French SME that has been certified “anti-corruption” by the ETHIC Intelligence international institution.Our consultancy meets the highest ethical standards. This certification acknowledges the effort made over the last years to develop the consultancy’s probity and deontology policy.

Founding member of the « Club 21e siècle » in 2004 (Arnaud Dupui-Castérès). It is a leading independent Club taking the form of a do-tank advocating for for diversity and equal opportunities.​

Member of the Aspen Institute’s board of directors (Philippe Manière), an international environment fostering the exchange of ideas among leaders from all backgrounds and who are gathered by a common wish to better understand what is at stake in our modern societies as to better prepare them for the future. ​

Partner of Sciences Polémiques, an academic club from the Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris, teaching rhetoric and promoting eloquence as a discipline. The club organises several rhetoric contests at Sciences Po, the most famous one being the Philippe Seguin Prize, awarded each year to Sciences Po’s best public speakers. They also gather famous speakers from politic spheres or the civil society.​

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