3 questions to... Odace

Antonin Assié and Guillaume Benech, founders of Odace.

Why did we create Odacealmost 4 years ago?

Our first entrepreneurial venture was a paper magazine, written by and for young people, distributed on newsstands. When it came to an end, we were 18 and 19 years old respectively, and we had a terrible desire to continue producing content while positioning ourselves on the real uses of our generation: no more paper, hello video! Today, we produce over 6,000 video contents a year for brands, institutions and the media, with one ambition: to bring maximum value to everyday life on social networks.

What are the do's and don'ts of being a business on the new social networks?

In the past, companies applied "top-down" communication on social networks, without necessarily seeking to engage their audience. Since the arrival of TikTok and the transition of platforms to video, it's crucial to have a relevant content strategy. In short, we're no longer on social networks to communicate, but to converse. It's a way of building communities, of aggregating individuals who adhere to the company's values, which in turn feed off its services.

At Odaceyou also work with the media. What do these new social networks mean for them today?

Video is a remarkable medium for building audience and revenue. While it used to be complex to monetize static content on social networks, the reach of video makes it possible to generate new revenues, either natively or through brand-content. This is an opportunity for traditional media, who are succeeding in this gamble while building up new, younger audiences. Bayard Jeunesse and Europe 1, which we support, have experienced tremendous growth (+400% in 3 months for Europe!).

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